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We Are

We are

100Percent is an organisation which uses time and talent as the currency of change.

  • You can help make a change in the lives of those in need, by volunteering your time as a tutor. We raise funds by selling your donated time to students who need your services & want to help out their favourite charity at the same time.
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Our Beliefs


About People

Everybody has the ability to make the world a better place.

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About Fundraising

To combat the social injustices in the world, we need to be committed to supporting quality development projects for the long haul. In order for a fundraising strategy to be sustainable and effective, it needs to be efficient, easily integrated into our lifestyles and beneficial to everyone involved.

About Innovation

Participating in positive social change shouldn’t be hard.  It shouldn’t require a major sacrifice.  And needn’t only be about money. Innovation can create cost free opportunities to participate in social change.  

Through innovative business models like 100Percent, and partnerships with leading NGOs, many small local actions can create significant global impact.  100Percent innovates by turning small contributions of time and talent into a valuable service (tutoring) and income for worthy causes. It allows students looking for tutoring to improve their grades, and contribute to a fairer society.


Our Mission

openquote1​ We're a social enterprise intent on changing the game and making charity smarter. We're about making time and talent the currency of social change. We're about monetising volunteer energy. We're all about time for change. closequote


Our Commitment

Our fundraising strategy aims to be beneficial to all parties involved. 



To our Volunteers

We believe that what you do is awesome.  Giving your time and talent to help bring social justice and fight poverty is simply a brilliant thing to do.  So we’re making bold claim – we’re committed to ensuring 100% of the income you generate reaches the cause you choose.  Because you deserve it.  We’re also committed to giving you the opportunity to develop, apply, and refine your skills and knowledge (even before you graduate) by tutoring or by joining the 100Percent Core Team.

To our Customers

We believe that the opportunity to support worthy causes when choosing 100Percent tutors creates added value to our service.  Learning from your peers, those who have recently grappled with the same challenges as you, can be a powerful learning experience.  Actually, we often learn better from people closer to our level than from experts – lecturers etc – who have long forgotten why something can be hard to understand.
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To our Partner Charities

We are committed to channeling 100% of the revenue raised by our volunteers to your development projects.
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To New Zealand

We are committed to empower our nation to share their time and talents with fellow Kiwis - to provide much needed services to their local community.
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