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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose tutoring as a method of fundraising?

It’s time for a change in the way we approach fundraising. Currently, the focus is on retail-based services, or pure charity. We believe monetising your time and talent is the way to go, as this provides an ongoing benefit, both to you and the community. Tertiary institutions around the country are flooded with talented and passionate people who don't want to wait to change the world. The knowledge you have has power; power to help other students to excel, power to raise funds to help those in need, and power to spread awareness around issues of global poverty and social injustice.

As a student, tutoring someone can be your way of making an impact locally and globally. Graduation is not when life begins; your abilities can make a difference now. The amount of money we could raise with your help is phenomenal. This isn't a backyard sausage sizzle; this is a talent sizzle!

How many sessions per week can I tutor for 100Percent?

You are free to volunteer as many hours as you like to tutor for 100Percent. The more you tutor, the more students you can help and the more funds you can raise for the project. 

How are tutors recruited?

Our dedicated promotional team advertise in tertiary institutions nationwide and encourage strong communicators with a solid academic record to join our programme. Anyone is free to sign up as a tutor by creating a profile where they can share information about themselves and why they would make a good tutor. Although 100Percent is a fundraising organisation, we are also committed to providing the much needed service of tutoring. Please do not hesitate to contact us through our feedback process should you encounter any problems.

I really can't tutor, but could I still support 100Percent through other means?

Yes! We have a very dedicated team of people doing a heap of work behind the scenes to make 100Percent what it is today.

We provide incredible opportunities for students to develop and refine their skills in multimedia design, marketing and management and many other fields by being part of the 100Percent Core Team. If you're a passionate individual that wants to go the extra mile, or contribute in that slightly different way, get in touch with us for more info on how to use your time, skills and talents to help promote and further develop 100Percent. You can reach us at info@100percent.org.nz.

Why does 100% of the money go to the tutor’s choice of project? Why can't the tutor get paid a certain percentage of the revenue?

If we are genuinely passionate about the cause, 100% is the only appropriate amount.

Many companies donate a small percentage of their revenue and “proudly support the XYZ Foundation”, but we don’t want 100Percent to be like that. Our tutors choose how many hours per week they would like to volunteer and are free to find work (including private tutoring) to pay the rent independent of 100Percent. Work is work, fundraising is fundraising.

Is World Vision New Zealand an official partner of 100Percent?

Yes! Founded in 2012, 100Percent started raising funds for World Vision’s West African food appeal completely independent of World Vision New Zealand, just because we saw the need in West Africa and the great development work World Vision was doing in that region. 100Percent eventually caught World Vision New Zealand’s attention and in 2013 we made the partnership official!


Can I raise funds for other charities besides World Vision New Zealand through 100Percent?

Not yet, but soon! 100Percent’s ultimate aim is to empower Kiwis to convert their time into money and channel 100% of it to the charity of their choice. We realise that we can’t save the world by supporting one charity alone. There are many fantastic organisations that help people in their unique and fantastic way. World Vision recognises this and are completely in support of us fundraising for multiple charities (sharing the love!). Our big step in 2013-2014 is building a new web platform and launching 100Percent nationally. Our next step in 2014 is to get multiple charities on board. Watch this space!

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