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100Percent and Tax Management NZ - A Natural Fit

Calling ourselves 100Percent was a bold move – it means we’re so serious about The 100% Model that we’ve baked it into our name! But we can’t grow without expenses.  And although we’re all volunteers, we needed this web platform to enable our growth.  Quite simply that would not have been possible without TAX MANAGEMENT NZ (TMNZ).  We may call it sponsorship but really they’re angel investors. 

The return on their investment? A game changing social enterprise and fundraising model for the social sector, increased opportunities for citizen mobilisation (that’s you doing your bit for society!), and more income for worthy causes.  They’ve supported us because, like us, they’re innovators and they can see that we’re gonna change things!

TMNZ are so innovative they changed the law!  Who knew you could innovate the way you manage your tax!  …actually founder Ian Kuperus did and his insight and years of hard work resulted in him winning the 2013 Service Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Service Category

So like us, TMNZ are big fans of making things better through disruptive business model innovation. To TMNZ from the 100Percent Team and the 100Percenters around the country, we’re proud to partner with you, and we will do you proud.

Tax Management NZ

TMNZ is the original tax pooling inventor, committed to creating a better tax environment for businesses in New Zealand. In the last 10 years, TMNZ has helped save over $100 million in IRD interest and penalties for over 21,000 corporates and SME businesses in New Zealand. Our development is marked by an ongoing drive to innovate. TMNZ is also a business with a history of innovative social entrepreneurship.

“We are proud to partner with 100Percent to help tutor volunteers raise funds to expedite vital social change in poorer countries through  amazing development projects all around the world. The great thing is, not only are they helping people in other countries, they are assisting someone in need from their own community.”

-  Chris Cunniffe, TMNZ CEO

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Our Sponsors

Russell McVeagh

Turns out lawyers are great!  Well, that's not strictly true - only the ones at Russell McVeagh!  Without the crew at Russell McVeagh coming to the party with some pro bono legal support it would be that much harder for us to be '100%'.  Thanks for believing in us!


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