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Education - Solomon Islands

  • Temotu, Solomon Islands
  • Temotu, Solomon Islands
  • Temotu, Solomon Islands
  • Temotu, Solomon Islands
  • Temotu, Solomon Islands
  • Temotu, Solomon Islands
Temotu, Solomon Islands1 Temotu, Solomon Islands2 Temotu, Solomon Islands3 Temotu, Solomon Islands4 Temotu, Solomon Islands5 Temotu, Solomon Islands6

Approximately 40% of Solomon Islanders are illiterate.

The Pacific Island nation is home to one of the lowest literacy rates in the region - as well as some of its highest poverty. The Solomon Islands Government has recognised non-formal education and skills development as “vital for achieving development goals, economic growth and sustainable development”. This Literacy for Livelihoods programme in the remote Solomon Island’s Province of Temotu will help achieve these outcomes by developing the literacy and life skills of 600 individuals in 15 communities over the next three years, contributing to the increased well-being of 4,200 household members. 

Improvements in basic education are particularly critical for Temotu Province, which has some of highest levels of poverty in the country and the second lowest level of literacy. The effects of illiteracy are devastating for development, including low participation in community leadership, decision-making and social life, limited engagement with government, difficulty supporting children’s education, difficulty engaging in economic activities such as marketing and banking, and poor self-esteem.

63% of people surveyed in target communities in Temotu were not functionally literate & less than 5% of the secondary-aged population in Temotu are enrolled.

100Percent, in partnership with World Vision is committed to turning this around. 

The Aim

This project aims to address illiteracy and its subsequent effects through a multi-pronged approach:

  • Strengthening the capacity of the Government and institutions to deliver and manage quality literacy and education programmes;
  • Establishing literacy classrooms and self-sustaining community groups;
  • Developing curriculum to enhance learning within the context of Temotu Province;
  • Training teachers and linking teachers and learners to complementary educational services.
This programme provides an opportunity for fulfilment of the right to education, especially for the estimated 24% of Solomon Islanders who have never attended school, and the many more who have not been able to fully complete primary. Furthermore, the on-flow effects resulting from increased literacy, such as increased gender equality, participation in the life of the community, and livelihood opportunities will support the fulfilment of broader fundamental rights

Through a partnership with the New Zealand Government, World Vision is able to multiply your financial contribution so that together we can create greater impact.
Support from the NZ Aid Programme means that for every $1 donated to the Literacy for Livelihoods programme, communities in Temotu will receive $5 worth of programming, such as literacy education and teacher training.

By choosing to support this cause, you will be providing opportunities for education and a better life for some of the most vulnerable children in this Pacific Island nation.


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