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Health and Nutrition - India

  • Korukonda, India
  • Korukonda, India
  • Korukonda, India
  • Korukonda, India
  • Korukonda, India
  • Korukonda, India
  • Korukonda, India
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"The highest priority for World Vision India"

Nutrition is the highest priority for World Vision India – and no wonder: according to a 2005-2006 National Family Health Survey, 20% of Indian children under five years of age were acutely malnourished and 48% were stunted. At 43%, the rate of underweight children in India is twice as high as the average figure in sub-Saharan Africa. The consequences of this nutrition crisis are enormous; one third to one half of child deaths in India can be attributed to malnutrition.

World Vision is partnering with health organisations in Korukonda to help build local capacity to sustain improvements in child health and nutrition.
"We are greatly encouraged, as we know World Vision is interested in the growth of the child, not only current children but also future generations."
-Lakshmi, an Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) worker. (ASHA are a government organisation and key partner of World Vision in Korukonda). 

The Importance

World Vision began partnering with communities in Korukonda in 2012 and the Nutrition Programme is an important cornerstone for development. A baseline survey conducted in 2011 showed an alarming 49% of children in Korukonda were malnourished - 22% of whom were severely malnourished. Malnutrition impedes motor, sensory, cognitive and social development, so malnourished children are less likely to benefit from schooling, with negative flow-on effects later in life, including lower earning capacity as adults. The most damaging effects of under-nutrition occur during pregnancy and in the first two years of a child’s life. These damages are irreversible, so interventions during the first two years of life are the most effective for the long term. 
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Did you know, at 43%, the rate of underweight children in India is twice as high as the average figure in sub-Saharan Africa?


The Aim

The Korukonda Nutrition Programme aims to address child malnutrition by enhancing the overall wellbeing of families, with a particular emphasis on malnourished and vulnerable children and pregnant and lactating mothers. Key to this is improved community access and utilization of health care services, family knowledge and practices regarding appropriate care and nutrition for children, and household-level investment in nutritious food. 

World Vision is facilitating viable livelihood opportunities in agriculture, such as cotton production, to enable poor families with malnourished children to purchase nutritious foods.Their emphasis on building the capacity of the local health structures that support these communities will help to ensure sustained improvements in child nutrition for future generations of Korukonda.

The time for change is now, but the impact will endure.

Shamili's story

This is Shamili. She is 2 years old and weighed only 7kg when she first entered the nutrition programme. Within 3 months her weight increased to 9kgs. Since the 3 month feeding period ended, she has gained a further 0.5kg. Her parents can’t afford to give her the extra nutrition everyday, but do so twice a week. 

We are so lucky that this programme happened in our children’s time.

-Shamili's mum-
Thanks to World Vision’s focus on building the capacity of local health organisations, children like Shamili will continue to see the benefits of the nutrition programme well into the future.

We aim to raise $8,000 - that's enough to establish 13 community gardens and farms. 
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