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Health & Nutrition - Malawi

  • Chigodi, Malawi
  • Chigodi, Malawi
  • Chigodi, Malawi
  • Chigodi, Malawi
  • Chigodi, Malawi
  • Chigodi, Malawi
  • Chigodi, Malawi
  • Chigodi, Malawi
Chigodi, Malawi1 Chigodi, Malawi2 Chigodi, Malawi3 Chigodi, Malawi4 Chigodi, Malawi5 Chigodi, Malawi6 Chigodi, Malawi7 Chigodi, Malawi8

Malawi's battle

Malawi continues to battle against low access to and quality of health, especially among children, women and other vulnerable groups.

More than 20% of Malawian children do not reach their 5th birthday, largely due to preventable diseases and malnutrition. Whilst the government is working to address the alarming national doctor/population and nurse/population ratios (1:53,176 and 1:2,964, respectively) across the country, NGOs like World Vision are helping to address health and nutrition issues through community-based interventions – essential for a community like Chigodi.

Malawi's battle

Over 43% of children under five are stunted due to malnutrition.

100Percent, in partnership with World Vision
is committed to turning these statistics around.

The Aim

World Vision’s partnership with the Chigodi community started in 2009 and is envisaged to continue until 2024, when the community will be equipped with the resources and skills to take ownership of its own development. Until then, World Vision will be working alongside the community to improve child health through an integrated approach. In partnership with local government, farmer groups, and community based organisations.

World Vision and the Chigodi community will:


  • Train mothers and care-givers in good traditional food preparation and preservation

  • Improve access to child immunizations, de-worming, and iron supplementation

  • Increase household and community awareness of common diseases and preventative measures

  • Provide 1,000 of the most vulnerable households with insecticide treated nets

  • Distribute medical kits to households affected by HIV/AIDs

  • Increase access to safe, potable water sources

Ida's story

Ida’s family depends on farming and selling of sugar cane. Sometimes Ida and her husband walk 45km to search for sugar cane and walk back empty-handed. 

The times when I don’t find sugar cane, I come home and we sleep with empty stomach...
I dream for a well-cemented house for my family and to have some livestock so that my house is sufficient.

Building a sustainable future

World Vision is building the capacity of community-based organisations in Chigodi to address issues of malnutrition and food insecurity. By helping mums like Ida better understand a well-rounded diet for her children, and equipping their family with the knowledge to grow vegetables year round, families can gain income by selling their crop surplus.

Auckland University Medical students' response:
"Let's raise $40,000 by the end of 2014"

Auckland University Medical Student's Association was inspired by the great work that World Vision was doing in Malawi. They are dreaming big and 100Percent is behind them all the way. The health and nutrition project in Chigodi, Malawi is exclusive to Auckland Medical Students and we at 100Percent cannot wait to see all the creative ways Auckland Medical students use their time and talent to raise funds for Chigodi. All the best, team!


Are you an Auckland University Medical Student?
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