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Congratulations to our top fundraisers for 2013:

We know that all our volunteers have been a great help to their students and an invaluable asset to 100Percent. Congratulations to all 2013 tutors! Here are a few highlights from last year: 

Campbell Heron

Campbell was our top fundraiser for 2013. A biochemistry tutor and a BMedSci (Hons) student, Campbell raised an incredible $1300!

Screenshot 3 01 14 1 51 PM
Emily Hayward

Our stunning UMAT and Epidemiology tutor. This lady raised  $905 in her second year of university. What a star!

Emily Hayward 100Percent
Top Otago Initiative!

Thanks to all our UMAT tutors, especially Rosie Whiting who organised the UMAT tutorials this year and a mock exam for the UMAT students. 

Rosie UMAT
George Lin

George helped us champion 100Percent in the medical faculty in semester 1 while raising $430 tutoring Physics!

Sophia Frentz

She's Otago Med students' genetic life saver. Teaching large genetics tutorials in semester 2 and raising $690 to fund adult literacy programmes in the Solomon Islands!

Top Auckland Initiative!

100Percent pioneers in Auckland! Nathanael Lucas and Amelia MacDonald helped organise MedSci tutorials for first year students, raising $800!

Auckland 100Percent

Financial Report

2012 was the first year we introduced 5 different causes that our volunteers could choose to support. Tutoring to support our Social Justice Cause (combating child labour in Bangladesh) was the most popular cause to support.



Our progress - look at it climb!

Since the inception of 100Percent in 2012, we have raised over $25,000. Let's make this graph grow exponentially in 2014!

A comparison of 2012 and 2013.

More volunteers, more funds raised! The exciting thing is, as we spread nationally, these figures are only going to get larger!


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