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in the Media

We asked World Vision NZ what they thought of us and here's what they had to say!

20 Aug 2014 | Campbell Live| 3 News

Funding charity with knowledge

Sarah Stewart caught up with 100Percent at Otago University to find out what we do. 
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8 June 2014 | Heliophon

100Percent - Fight social injustice with your time and talent. 

Abbe (Regional Manager at Otago University) writes an opinion piece for Heliophon, a global youth international magazine. 

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22 July 2014 | TMNZ Blog

100Percent continues to grow

A charity sponsored by Tax Management NZ (TMNZ) that sees students raise money for World Vision projects by volunteering their time as tutors now has a presence in Wellington.

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19 September 2013 | Radio One, 91FM

OUSA Thursday Drive, Radio 1


OUSA Thursday Drive, Radio 1

Abbe (Regional Manager at Otago University), Caitlin  (Computer Science Tutor) and Crystal (Founder) chat to Tom from Radio 1 about 100Percent.  

18 July 2013 | The Star

Student Tutoring Charity Gives All



"I don't have the money to be giving to charity but I do have an hour a week" - Michael Catterall (UMAT tutor) 

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22 Apr 2012 | Critic

Med students hate sausage, raise money by tutoring instead.


Med student Crystal Diong is putting her ample spare time to good use by organising a student-tutoring programme that raises funds for World Vision. 

The scheme, simply entitled Tutoring for World Vision, allows second- and third-year med students with excellent grades to donate their time (generally one hour a week) to tutor younger med students. They charge a rate of $20 an hour with group rates being negotiable. All funds raised will go to World Vision. The scheme currently has 26 tutors registered, 14 of whom are already paired up with students.

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19 Apr 2012 | Otago Daily Times

Tutoring to raise funds for World Vision.


When Crystal Diong wanted to raise money for World Vision, she flagged the idea of a bake sale or sausage sizzle and turned instead to her greatest asset - her brain.

The University of Otago medical student has set up a tutoring programme which draws on the talent of second- and third-year medical students with proven academic records.

"I've always been interested in fundraising ... but I was thinking there must be a better way and a more effective way.

"The traditional thing is sausage sizzling, and that's great, but in terms of what my strengths are as a medical student, I have medical knowledge and that's my specialty and it makes more sense channelling that," Miss Diong said.

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