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Our Volunteers


100Percent is a wonderful organisation to get involved with. Not only did it show me my secret love for teaching, but it allowed me to better the lives both of people right in front of me, and people across the world.

I've always wanted to be able to give more to charity, and this allowed me to feel like I was doing something more productive than just signing a cheque.

I've also really enjoyed the ability to decide where the money raised from tutoring goes - that kind of control makes me feel really involved in the process from beginning to end. The regular updates from the 100Percent team letting us (the tutors) know what kind of a difference our teaching is making is great, and I anticipate 100Percent will make many more positive changes worldwide!

Sophia Frentz (Genetics Honours Student), Genetics Tutor


You guys are AMAZING!!!! So sad to be leaving...

Gina Wilson (3rd year Medical Student), Physics Tutor



It's been a lot of fun :) And i think you guys are doing an amazing job-  keep up the awesome work and best of luck for this semester :D

Rachel McKenzie (2nd Year Medical Student), Chemistry Tutor


It's a great project! Will be tutoring next year!

Shreeja Mehrotra (2nd Year Medical Student), Group Chemistry Tutor


I am passionate about making a difference in the world and I believe that one person has the power to influence major change. When I look at 100Percent I see not just one person, but many, motivated towards helping people worse off than themselves. That kind of culture is refreshing and inspiring to everyone who gets a little bogged down in their own life and forgets how good they have it.

Abbe Hyde (Masters Student in Management), Management Tutor, Otago Regional Manager



Our Students


I found this tutoring service to be extremely helpful and the tutors help to reduce a lot of the stress I was feeling come exam time. 

Rebecca Peace, HSFY student


I had such an amazing tutors! So smart and nice to us! I understand now why they are in med! :)

Adriana Solis-Trueba, HSFY student


Thank you 100Percent for being an excellent platform for students to obtain help with their academics :)  stress I was feeling come exam time. 

Nicole Kwan, CHEM 191 student
I really like what 100Percent is doing... It's really a wonderful and helpful way to approach both sides, students who needed extra help academically and the people who needed support financially.
Kylie Kelvin, HSFY student


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