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We are an online platform for you to do your thing and change the world!

100Percent tutoring collage

Welcome to a new way of doing charity.

openquote1​ We developed this new web platform to give you complete autonomy over your fundraising efforts. We're not going to tell you what, when and where to tutor and we certainly won't tell you what your hourly rate should be. We want you to own this! What can you teach to change the world? closequote

- Crystal Diong, Founder - 

Want to be the ultimate tutor and raise heaps of money for your chosen cause?

Here are some tips to help you get there!

Scooby Diong-1

Tutor something people want to learn about!

Tutoring a subject that is in high demand increases the chance of someone requesting tutoring from you. 

If you study something very niche and specific (say...Gender Studies), try thinking about the broader skills that you have to succeed at this subject. High school level subjects are a good option to tutor because you will be appealing to a bigger population of students and of course, you'll have a chance to teach, mentor and inspire younger students. Who knows? They might even follow in your footsteps! 

What is my hourly rate?

We don't preset this because we believe that you should decide on how much your services are worth! Basic academic tutoring doesn't usually go for less than $20/hour for one-to-one so we wouldn't recommend setting anything lower than that.

Some of our top tutors raised an incredible amount of money by doing group tutoring. This is a fantastic opportunity to help more students, raise more funds, all while investing a smaller amount of time! Sophia Frentz (2013 Genetics tutor) charged $10 per person, tutoring groups of 10-15 students at a time which meant she was able to raise over $100/hour for Adult literacy in the Solomon Islands.  

Scooby price is right
Put yourself in your student's shoes

Write a blurb about yourself. Yes, that includes grades, scholarships, and other fancy things.

Put yourself in your student's shoes - what would they like to see in a potential tutor? How well did you do in the subject you are tutoring? Remember those NCEA days? If you're teaching high school subjects it might be a good idea to add in a little about NCEA endorsements and scholarship.

Not an academic tutor? Think about what you'd need to show others you know what you're doing! Qualifications, experience, awards...One tutor once volunteered to play guitar and posted a few youtube videos of his mad guitar skills!

Show you can communicate and teach

Having a few years of tutoring experience is fantastic but if you don't, think about other aspects of your life that can demonstrate that you're a good communicator. These could include:
  • Informal tutoring
  • Leadership positions (prefect, head of house, rugby captain...or team member!)
  • Describing your teaching style to demonstrate you've thought about how you will conduct tutorials. E.g. I prefer a social, personalised and professional approach to tutelage that includes regular checkups and individualised homework. 
Write a profile
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A bit about your interests

It's always nice to shows some personality and share a bit about your interests to help your students connect with you. Whether it's soccer, singing, or sleeping, adding this information will make your profile come alive! 

And finally, don't forget to say cheese!

People are used to seeing pictures with profiles. It's just how this crazy 21st century Facetube/Youbook generation rolls. 

Putting it all together...
Check out Scooby the 100Percent dog and his profile!


Ultimate tutor


With such a snazzy profile, Scooby was recruited by a student in no time...and he tutored happily ever after :) 
Happy tutoring and all the best with your fundraising efforts.

Much love, 

100Percent team
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